The wild freedom of the Pacific Northwest; the sophisticated lyricism of a 60’s folk balladeer; the chops of a seasoned fiddler - these are the currents that shape the music of indie folk songwriter Christiana Zollner. Whether it’s her entrancing voice or her powerhouse violin playing that draws you in, Christiana’s performances will leave you captivated until last call.

Christiana has music in her blood; a native of Willamette Valley, Oregon, her earliest musical memories are of singing and playing fiddle in her family band. Z Musikmakers toured festivals and recorded several German folk albums, an auspicious start to her lifelong musical journey. Word spread of Zollner’s talents and by the time she was in college she was regularly backing songwriters in divey bars and laying fiddle tracks on country demos.

Zollner has released a new EP every year since 2017. Her latest, “Sunset Place,” is named for the house where her nascent Nashville songwriting career began, just down the road from the historic Belcourt Taps. Walk into any of Nashville’s most hallowed songwriter venues—from Alley Taps and The Commodore to The Cobra and The Bowery Vault— and you’re liable to find Zollner mesmerizing her newest fans.

by Mike Dunbar